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    On Saturday, March 20th, we headed off to the 97.1 Sportsfest at the Rock Financial Showplace in Novi. Tara, Tyler, Drew, Jayden, and I all had a great time (Samantha was at a birthday party, having a great time herself!) browsing the exhibits and trying the activities that were offered by the Detroit Red Wings, the Detroit Pistons, the Detroit Lions, and the Detroit Tigers. We were able to pick up an autograph (former Piston Don Reid) and a ton of freebies (which was Tyler's favorite part). We are certainly hoping that they make this an annual event, so that we can go again on a day when we don't have so many activities going on!

97.1 The Ticket Sportsfest

Drew and Tyler standing alongside the recreated lockers of two of the wings star players.

The uniforms of the famed "Russian Five."

Tyler got a chance to pose as the Octopus mascot.

Jayden took a turn being the Octopus as well, with a little bit of a boost from Tyler.

Drew also got a chance to pretend to be the Octopus.

Tyler took a moment to see how tall he was in comparison to some of the current and former Pistons stars... did Drew. Both of the boys have a ways to go before catching up with some of Detroit's most famous athletes.

Drew inside the Detroit Lions helmet bounce-house. It's apparently 'so dangerous you have to sign a waiver' before entering (sorry for the song interlude).

Jay was having so much fun that she didn't stick around long enough to have her picture taken!

Drew, Tyler, and Sparky Anderson (OK, so a cardboard cutout Sparky) posing with the 1984 World Series trophy. The 1968 trophy was also in attendance, but the line was too long.

Drew managed to throw his pitch 21mph. Not too bad!

Tyler put a lot of effort into his throws.

Tyler managed to hit 36mph. Also not bad!

Drew swinging for the fences on this T-ball style game for younger kids.

Jay showing off her balloon hat that she got from the Detroit Pistons.

Drew getting some goalie gear on so he could face some shots.

Leg pads on successfully, now for the rest.

Drew making his way into the goal.

Drew facing a shot (notice the wiffle-ball flying near the goalpost). Check out the smile on his face!

Another look at Drew playing goal.


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