Tiny Tim Trot

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    On the morning of December 11th Samantha and Drew took part in the annual Tiny Tim Trot at the Karl Richter Campus in Holly. I don't really have a lot to add because I was unable to attend (had to take Tyler to basketball). I was told that neither Sam or Drew ran as hard as they could have, although Drew put in a little more effort than Sam did. Check out her medal picture to see what I mean. I guess the next time they ask to sign up for this event we will have to remind them of this time and politely say "no."

Tiny Tim Trot

Samantha lined up her her run (in the red sweatshirt and pink hat - in the second row).

Sam running the course (she signed up for the shortest run, one lap around the track).

Sam looking excited after receiving her medal.

Drew sprinting towards the finish line on his lap.

Drew was a little more thrilled to get his medal than his sister was.


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