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    Tyler's basketball team, the Advanced Care-6 team, played their first game on Tuesday, November 9th at the Cage Fieldhouse in Swartz Creek. You could tell that a lot of the players were nervous about playing together for the first time, and it showed in the final score - a 43-27 loss. Tyler played OK on offense, even scoring a basket for two of his teams points. He needs to work on his defense, however, which is disappointing since that has always been a strong point of his game.

    I also must say that I swore I took more pictures from this game, but when I downloaded them from my camera it was just these two. I'm not sure what happened, so I guess I will do my best to take more at his next game on Thursday.

Game 1 - at Brandon Blackhawks

Tyler preparing to enter the game for the first time.

The final score, a 43-27 loss.


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