Game 10

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    If the last game was what I considered to be a sure fire win, then this game had to qualify as the complete opposite of that. I knew it would be tough to pull out an upset victory, as the team that Tyler's team was playing against was undefeated to this point in the season. The boys in red came out strong, hitting on all cylinders as their passing was crisp and their shots precise, even taking a 16-6 lead midway through the first half. Unfortunately old habits came back to bite them the rest of the game. Passes that were off the mark or telegraphed bad enough that a steal was easy and shots that were just off enough to bounce off the rim resulted in a big loss, 60-30. I give the boys credit, though. They managed to put some points on the board (they have had trouble breaking double digits on a couple of occasions) and showed what their potential could be if only they could put together two solid halves and play more consistently. They have a playoff game or two to work towards, and hopefully that is the game that they can make it all work!

    Once again I got stuck manning the scoreboard (you may notice the back of my head in a couple of the pictures - hopefully that was unintentional!), so I want to thank my Mom for taking pictures for me today. I owe you!

Game 10 - vs. Flint Affiliation-Green

Tyler getting ready to pass the ball to an open teammate.

Tyler looking towards the ref as a penalty is being called.

Tyler watching the action unfold at the opposite end of the court.

Tyler fighting for a rebound.

The team got a stern lecture about it's play during one of the timeout's.

Tyler inbounding the ball, looking for an open teammate for an easy basket.

Preparing to box out for a rebound, Tyler is lined up on the side of the lane.

Tyler dribbling up the court after snagging a rebound.


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