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    Unfortunately I don't have much to add about Tyler's basketball game on Sunday, November 14th, because both Tara & I had other obligations and were unable to make it to the game in time to see any of the action. I do know that Tyler scored another basket today, giving him four points on the season. He was also apparently much more aggressive in this game, as he accumulated the maximum five fouls and was forced to the bench. I don't know if the game was close throughout, or if one team made it close in the end, but I do know that his team won their second game in a row, this time by a score of 33-31. Sounds like it was a nail biter, and we are both sad that we had to miss it!

Game 3 - vs. Howell-Samples

Tyler is standing on the right of the lane in this picture, looking for a rebound.

Tyler grabbing a rebound, looking to start a fast break.

Tyler and his teammates during a time out listening to their coaches.

Tyler standing near the half court line, looking for the action to resume.

Tyler, in position for a rebound, watches as the ball bounces the other direction.

Tyler sliding across the floor after making an aggressive play.

Tyler dribbling the ball up the court after grabbing a rebound.

The final score, a 33-31 victory, for their second of the year.


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