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    Tyler's basketball team played their fourth game of the season at the Cage Fieldhouse on Tuesday, November 16th, against Lake Fenton. The kids seemed to be a step slow and a little bit out of it tonight, and that resulted in an early deficit. They fought back to take the lead in the first half, but then gave up a couple of baskets to end that half in a tie. Lake Fenton pulled away again in the second half before a couple of late three-pointers by our team made it close, but we just couldn't quite close the gap. The final score was 29-26, and the game was every bit as close and hard fought as that score would indicate. Tyler had a decent game tonight, grabbing a few rebounds and making a steal or two. He didn't score tonight, but that is hard to do when you don't shoot (or hardly touch the ball for that matter). We can see progress in all of the kids so far, and they seem to be holding their own in this tougher division so far. Hopefully by the end of the year their hard work will show off in the standings.

Game 4 - vs. Lake Fenton

Tyler, facing the basket, ready to grab the rebound of this missed free throw.

Tyler, in the center of the picture, hustling back on defense.

Tyler guarding his player closely.

Tyler getting ready to either set a pick or get open for a pass.

Tyler, playing a zone defense, keeping an eye on the guy behind him and on the ball in front of him.

The final score, a hard fought but unfortunate 29-26 loss.


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