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    The sixth game of Tyler's basketball season at the Cage Fieldhouse took place on Thursday, December 2nd, against the Slezak Dentistry team. While Tyler didn't start tonight, he played another strong game. He didn't score tonight, but not many of our players did. He had some good looks at the basket, but it seems like every time he shot, or any of his teammates, that the ball managed to roll off the rim on the wrong side of the net. He did manage to pull down several rebounds, which was nice to see. He also picked up his intensity defensively, which is also a nice sign. Once again he opted to wear the long red socks, so they may be lucky for him. Of course the team is 0-2 when he wears them, so maybe they aren't lucky for the rest of the players! Anyway, the final score of tonight's game was an ugly 38-9 loss. We couldn't even break into double digits tonight, despite lots of chances to do so. The next game is Saturday, so hopefully the outcome will be better for us.

Game 6 - vs. Slezak Dentistry

Tyler taking a shot early in the game. He just missed this shot, as well as a couple of other attempts - all of his shots were extremely close, but they all managed to fall off the wrong side of the rim tonight.

Tyler getting sandwiched between two opponents while attempting to secure a rebound.

Tyler got fouled on one of his shot attempts. Here is attempting a free throw.

Tyler trying to deflect an inbounds pass.

The ugly final score, a 38-9 loss.


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