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    Tyler's basketball team played their seventh game at the Cage Fieldhouse on Saturday, December 4th. I thought maybe the boys stood a good chance to get their third win of the season tonight, as the Michigan Thunder team that they were playing had just finished another game immediately before this one started, but unfortunately it wasn't meant to be. Tyler's team got off to a slow start and fell behind early. They fought hard to get back into the game, but they just couldn't quite get over the hump to take the lead. Tyler had another strong game, even though his missed all of his shots from the floor. It wasn't like he missed badly, they just rolled off the rim on the wrong side of the net once again. He did get fouled on one of his shots, and he stepped to the line and calmly managed to sink both free throws. If only he would take a breath and relax each time he shot the ball I think he would be much better off. The bottom line from tonight's game was a narrow defeat, this time by a 32-29 score.

Game 7 - vs. Michigan Thunder

Tyler managed to grab this rebound in the middle of a crowd of players.

Tyler just missed scoring on this shot from the corner.

Tyler found a comfortable spot to sit in the second half.

Tyler made the first of his two free throws, although it rolled around the rim a little...

...but the second shot got nothing but net. Nice shot Tyler!

Despite a valiant effort, the final 32-29 score resulted in yet another loss for the good guys.


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