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    Unfortunately for Tyler's basketball team, who played their eighth game of the season on Tuesday, December 7th, things just aren't going their way. It seems that no matter how good their shots look, they just don't seem to fall through the net. It isn't just a player or two struggling, it's the whole team. Passes also seem to be a problem lately - they either sail through someone's hands or they just miss their intended target entirely. Tyler played a relatively good game tonight - he managed to take the first shot of the game for his team and get fouled while doing so. He was unable to replicate his success from the previous game, however, as he missed both of his free throws. He made several steals throughout the game, and had some good looks for shots but was unable to knock any down. He also spent a lot of time on the ground tonight - diving for loose balls, getting knocked down, you name it Tyler did it tonight. As I said, things aren't going their way, and tonight's 39-15 loss is further proof of that statement. The only positive things are that I see improvement in Tyler, and that he is having fun playing.

Game 8 - at Flint PAL-6

Tyler took the first shot of the game and was fouled. Unfortunately he was unable to sink either of his free throws.

Tyler had some nice offensive moves in today's game, including this one.

Tyler also led a fast break after completing a steal.

Unfortunately Tyler's team couldn't keep up with the PAL team, leading to another loss, this time by a 39-15 score.


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