Game 9

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    This was a game that I fully expected Tyler's team to come out and win, seeing as though their opponent was the only team in the league that had won fewer games than us. Unfortunately we didn't play our best game once again, and it cost us. Tyler played alright, but didn't set the world on fire by any stretch of the imagination. He definitely has the hustle in him, as he dives all over the floor for loose balls. If only he could calm himself down enough to keep his feet set before he shoots he'd be all set. The rest of the team finally managed to put some points up on the scoreboard, but it wasn't enough as they fell for the seventh time this season, this time by a 34-26 score.

    PS: I got stuck running the scoreboard for this game, so I would like to thank Tara for attempting to take some pictures from the action. Love you dear!

Game 9 - at Mat-Tek

Tyler, with the red socks, joining his teammates in defending an opponent.

Tyler joining the crowd trying to grab this rebound.

The final score was another loss for the boys in red and white, this time a 34-26 defeat.


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