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    For the playoffs, the Cage Fieldhouse broke the teams down into two groups - the 1st through 6th place teams went into the "gold" division and the 7th through 10th place teams went to the "silver" division. Tyler's team finished the regular season in the 9th place position, and they were pitted against the 8th place team for today's playoff game. The was a rematch of a 32-29 loss that the boys had versus the Michigan Thunder on November 30th. Today's game was close throughout, as both teams held small leads or were tied through the majority of the game. Tyler's team held a 5 point lead with about five minutes to play, but they slowed their offense way down. They fell behind by a basket, and struggled to pick back up their rhythm. They managed to hit the tying basket late in the game, sending it to overtime. Overtime was a brief three minutes, and scoring was at a premium. Unfortunately the Thunder managed one more point than we were able to score, resulting in a 28-27 loss that ended their season.

    Tyler played a strong game once again today, despite not scoring. He had some good looks at the basket, but he just didn't get the bounces he needed. Tyler played a really strong game defensively today, and did a good job rebounding. As always, he continues to hustle and dive after loose balls. He did get hurt on a really nice drive to the basket late in the second half after his ankle got stepped on as he fell to the ground. This kept him out of the overtime period, which is unfortunate because I think his defense would have helped some.

    Regardless of the record, which wasn't very pretty, both Tara & I are very proud of Tyler. He continues to work extremely hard at getting better, and it really showed on the court over the past couple of months. We are looking forward to the next session to see how much he grows as a player. Love you Tyler!

Playoff Game 1 - at Michigan Thunder

Tyler running down the court on offense.

Tyler getting off a shot early in the first half.

Tyler attempting to block a shot.

Tyler trying to deflect an out-of-bounds pass.

Tyler dribbling the ball after securing a rebound.

Tyler attempting to double-team an opponent.

Tyler shooting a three-point shot in the second half.

Tyler grabbing a rebound.

The final score after regulation time, a 25-25 tie.

After a brief three minute overtime, the score showed a narrow 1 point loss in a 28-27 game.


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