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    I hate to admit it, but I was pretty nervous coming in to this season about how good our team would be. If our first game is any indication, we should be pretty darn good! We scored two early touchdowns (one rushing, one passing)to take a 13-0 lead before giving up our first touchdown of the season to make it a 13-8 game. The Durand Railroaders made it close once again when the score was 19-14, but from then on out it was all Holly Bronchos! We had two more long passing touchdowns to close out the game, resulting in the 34-14 final score. Tyler had an OK game after a rough start (one helmet to the knee, two helmets to his elbow). He made some good blocks on the offensive line, but had some trouble getting rid of some blockers while playing defense. He did come close to making a sack, but unfortunately the quarterback had already released the ball moments before Tyler hit him. Hopefully he learned some things today that will help him make that play next game...

Game 1 - at Durand 1

Tyler, #22, listening to instructions from Coach Hooper before a play.

The Bronchos running a play.

Tyler lined up on special teams, this time for a kickoff.

The offense lined up to run a play. Tyler is the last player down on the right side of the line.

Defense! Tyler is the player lined up in the front row with the black pads on his arms.

Another defensive play. Tyler is standing on the end with his black arm pads/sleeves on.

The final score, a 34-14 victory!


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