vs. Lake Fenton

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    Tyler's football team jumped out to an early lead, score a touchdown on the sixth play of the game, and never looked back. We had a 22-0 lead midway through the second quarter, and coasted the rest of the way to a 28-8 victory. We really had to watch our scoring, because if you win by more than 25 points (I think that is the magic number) then the head coach is suspended for the next game. This meant that we were putting kids in positions that they had rarely if ever practiced in. The kids held their own in the new spots, however. Tyler had another decent game, getting in on a few tackles (including at least one tackle for a loss).  He did get his fingers caught between a couple of helmets when diving after a fumble while playing defense in the second half. Aside from a little lost skin he was OK and able to return to the game.

Game 2 - vs. Lake Fenton 3

Tyler  chasing down the ball in the backfield.

Tyler, on the right, running down the field after a kickoff.

Tyler trying to hustle in to get in on a tackle.

Coach Rodney checking out Tyler after he injured his hand diving after a fumble.

Coach Rod cleaning Tyler's hand to put on a band-aid. Tyler lost some skin on a couple of fingers, but was OK to return to the game.

The final score, a 28-8 victory for the Holly Bronchos JV2 team.


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