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    Tyler was absolutely heartbroken that he couldn't play today because a little bout of the flu. He gave it is all, weighing in and warming up with the team, but he just didn't have the strength to stick it out. Unfortunately for him he wound up watching the game with Tara in the stands, covered up by a blanket and and umbrella, trying to stay warm and dry.

    The other players and us coaches didn't have the opportunity to stay dry or warm. Once again we played a game in the rain, but so far that has worked to our advantage. Today was no different. Although we were unable to connect on any of our passes, our running game stayed strong. We took a 6-0 lead in to halftime, despite the yelling and arguing the kids were doing with each other. We managed to settle them down a bit before the second half started, and we stuck to our game plan. We managed one more touchdown along with the two-point kick to wrap up the scoring and the 14-0 victory. This happened even though we had one kid who refused to reenter the game because his hands were too cold. We pleaded with him to give it a shot, but he just wouldn't do it.

    I don't have any pictures of today's game, either. Since Tyler wasn't playing Tara decided not to drag the camera out in the rain, which was probably the wise choice anyway. Check next weeks game for more pictures.


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