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    The game on Saturday, October 9th, was another cakewalk for Tyler's football team. The coaches expected the game to be one of our toughest games of the season, and it just never materialized that way. Going in to halftime, the score was 22-0. Because of the 25-point suspension possibility we attempted to let the opposition score so that we could score again, but despite us putting every defensive player in the middle of the field and Coach John yelling at the opponent's coach "Coach, outside!" they just didn't seem like they wanted to score. We finally played defense with 9 players on the field, and they managed to get a touchdown and a conversion against us. We then took the ball and marched down the field to score our final touchdown of the game resulting in the 28-7 final score. Today's victory resulted in us winning our division. Great job, boys! Next week we try for an undefeated season!

    Tyler played a strong game today, making several good blocks on offense. He played a decent game on defense as well, especially considering the amount of movement we did with the players while trying to let them score. Tyler even recovered a fumble today, his first of the season.

Game 5 - vs. Grand Blanc 3

Coach Rodney giving Tyler a high-five during the pre-game player introductions.

Tyler lined up on the outside during the opening kickoff.

Tyler making a block in the middle of the picture during an outside run.

Tyler rushing in on defense, just missing a sack.

The final score, a 28-7 victory for the Holly Bronchos JV2 team.


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