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    The game on Saturday, October 16th, was another blowout for Tyler's football team, although this one was expected. We knew going in to tonights contest that we wouldn't be facing much of a challenge, as Flushing had only score 12 points all season long. Once again, because of the 25-point suspension possibility, we let the opposition score so that we would be able to score again ourselves, but their drives took longer than we had hoped, leaving us little time to try and score again. We played defense with as little as 8 players on the field tonight, just trying to let that happen. Unfortunately a player was injured on their last kickoff to us, and we were forced to call the game with a little over two minutes remaining instead of waiting for the ambulance to arrive and then resuming play. It was a terrible way to end the season, as well as some of these players Holly Youth Football careers - including Tyler's. We wanted nothing more as coaches to be able to end the game scoring one last time as these kids worked so hard throughout the season, but it wasn't meant to be. Thankfully they have a perfect 6-0 record for the season and a division championship to look back on. Go Bronchos!

    Tyler had another good game today, making several good blocks on offense. He played a good game on defense as well, especially considering the amount of movement we did with the players while trying to let them score. He played cornerback a lot in the second half, but the coach had him stand so far away from the line of scrimmage (while trying to let Flushing score) that he wasn't really able to make too many plays.

Game 6 - vs. Flushing 4

Coach Rodney, apparently in deep thought as the kids warm up prior to the game.

Tyler (#22) running down the field looking to make a block.

Tyler, in the middle with the black arm pads, about to hit somebody during a pass play.

Coach Rod standing on the sideline next to Tyler, ready to put him back in to the game.

Tyler ready to make another block.

The final score, a 31-13 victory for the Holly Bronchos JV2 team. Even though there was over two minutes remaining, the game was called due to injury.

The entire JV2 team gathered together for a division championship photo after the game.

A closer look at the team.


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