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    On Saturday, October 30th, Tyler's youth football team participated in their annual banquet. After listening to the other varsity teams talk about their seasons and their players it was our turn on stage. Coach John did all of the talking this year, and did a good job summing up our feelings on the season. Although we had to give out trophies for most improved, offensive MVP, and defensive MVP, we really felt that each of the kids were deserving of those awards. Each and every one of them made major contributions to the team, no matter how much playing time they got throughout the year.

Holly Youth Football Banquet

Tyler's coaches: Coach John with the microphone with Coach Craig and Coach Rodney in the background.

Tyler walking across the stage to get his medal and paperwork.

Tyler and a couple of his teammates checking out the game summaries that Coach John gave them.

The team together on the stage.

Another look at Tyler while he is waiting for his Division Champions t-shirt.

Rodney sitting in the audience listening to another team describe their season.

The 2010 MMRFL Division Champion Holly Broncho youth football team.

A closer look at the team.

Tyler standing with his father, Coach Rod, and the championship plaque.

A closer look at the championship plaque.


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