Drew's 6th Birthday

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    We welcomed our friends and family into our home to celebrate Drew's 6th birthday on his actual birthday, January 23rd! Tara & I had a great time visiting with the adults, while Drew and his brother and sisters had a lot of fun playing with all of the kids who were in attendance. Drew got some really wonderful gifts that he is absolutely ecstatic with, with pizza and cake & ice cream to eat as well.

    Drew, Tara, and I would like to take a moment to say "Thank You" to everyone who spent time with Drew on his birthday. You all occupy a special place in his heart, so it was nice that you were able to make the time to share your day with him. We also want to thank those who were unable to attend but were still thinking of Drew anyway - we missed seeing you. Once again, thank you to everybody!

Drew's 6th Birthday

Big sister Samantha helped out by handing the presents to Drew and reading the cards for him.

Andrew and Thomas watched all of the present opening ceremonies seated close to Tyler.

Drew preparing to rip into the first present of the day...

...a Cars marker-by-number set from Grandpa Jerry & Grandma Gail.

Here is Drew proudly displaying his new art set.

While opening the next part of his gift, this heavy glass jar slipped out of the bag and landed squarely on Drew's foot. Thankfully he thought it was funny, probably because it was...

...a jar of pickled beets from his Grandma Gail!

Drew's next present was...

...a SpongeBob game for the Nintendo DSi that he got for Christmas, from his Great-Grandpa Hardy.

Drew's next present came from Aunt Erva, and it was a really nice...

...Detroit Red Wings t-shirt.

Drew was pretty happy with this gift, as Red Wings hockey is the one sport he'll spend a lot of time watching with his Dad.

Drew got the Cars Race O'Rama game from his Grandpa Gary & Grandma Terry. He had been asking for this game for quite some time, so he was very excited to see this game!

Sam and Drew realized that there was another part of the gift from their Grandpa Gary & Grandma Terry. A little bit of a debate ensued over who would rightfully get to keep it. Ultimately Drew won this little battle.

Drew was more than happy to display the $20 bill that came in the card with the Cars game.

The present from Drew's Uncle Jeff, Aunt Becky, Thomas, and Andrew was almost big enough to completely make him disappear!

Drew was really happy to see some pieces to the Tomica city sets that he got for Christmas!

And he was even more thrilled with his new gas station!

He also got a play mat to go with his Tomica city...

...as well as some girders to make bridges with the tracks.

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