Drew's Haircut

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    I know what you are thinking... why post pictures of Drew getting a haircut? Well, because after nearly two full years of sporting the cool mohawk, he finally began asking to shave it off. I think Tara and I were a little saddened by this, although I'm not sure why exactly. It may be a that our little guy is growing up right before our eyes. It may be that Drew looked so damn cute with it, and was told so by countless strangers. Whatever the case is, he wanted it done, so Tara made it happen. Here are some pictures of before, during, and after. Enjoy!

Drew's No-hawk

Drew, posing for a "before" picture.

Drew doesn't really like getting his haircut, hence the face.

The back is gone!

There goes the side and the top.

A day later, the finished product! Such a handsome young man!


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