Jayden's 5th Birthday

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    Due to prior appointments (namely Tyler's basketball practice), we were unable to hold Jayden's birthday celebration on her actual birthday. This was OK with her though, once she realized that she would get to turn five twice! After practice was over and we all had returned home, we settled in to sing "Happy Birthday" to Jayden before enjoying some delicious cupcakes that she and Tara had decorated.

Celebration at Home

Jayden was all smiles as "Happy Birthday" was sung to her on her 5th birthday.

Jayden preparing to blow out the candle on her cupcake.

Jay blowing out her candle, just before she pulled it out to lick off the frosting.

    We scheduled Jayden's birthday party with the family and some of her friends for the only free day that we had during the week of her birthday, Wednesday the 7th. Well, that is until we got word the day before that Samantha was to start basketball practice at the exact same time that we scheduled the party! Needless to say Tara notified the coach that Sam would be unable to attend, as she had a prior obligation that couldn't be avoided. Although the party didn't start until later in the evening, Jayden enjoyed herself immensely, and she was thankful for all those who were able to join her for her special day.

Birthday Party with Family & Friends

A close-up look at Jayden's Cinderella birthday cake.

Jayden posing with her cake just before the world's speediest version of "Happy Birthday" was sung to her.

Jay blowing out her candle.

Jay's friend Erin was nice enough to give her a "Princess and the Frog" game for the Nintendo DS.

Uncle Dwayne, Aunt Erica, Donovan, and Marissa got Jayden some doll accessories, including a diaper bag and these diapers...

...as well as an outfit.

Marissa was designated Jay's official card reader for the events, and she did a fabulous job!

Papa Jerry & Grandma Gail got Jayden a princess hot chocolate set as well as...

... some coloring/sticker/paper doll books and a storage case for all of the paper doll pieces.

Marissa reading Jayden another card.

Jayden trying her best to hold up a dress that she got from her Great-Grandpa Hardy.

One look at the crowd gathered together to watch Jay open her presents.

And another look at everyone watching Jayden open presents.

Marissa was finally able to hold up the dress for Jayden.

Jay looking on as Marissa reads her another of her cards.

Jayden was happy with the Barbie dolls that Grandpa Gary & Grandma Terry gave her (in addition to the dress that she was wearing during the party, which she received at an earlier date).

Jayden graciously allowed Papa Jerry to open one of her presents, since his birthday was the day after the party.

Jayden was happy to see a FurReal walking dog, which came from her parents as well as Tyler, Samantha, and Drew.


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