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    On August 12th Tara & I took Tyler to see Kid Rock at Comerica Park for his birthday present. Joining us were our friends Thad & Melissa. We dined at PizzaPapalis in Greektown prior to taking the People Mover over to the stadiums. Melissa had just had a birthday, and she was under the impression that we were going to celebrate by gambling in Greektown after dropping off Tyler with some friends at the Lions preseason game. She couldn't quite understand what we were doing getting in line to enter Comerica, but she became ecstatic when she learned that Tara and Thad had worked together to get her tickets to the concert. We were unable to get seats together, but we had a great time regardless. Tara, Tyler, and I sat together with Thad & Melissa two sections away. We missed the opening act of Ty Stone, but we made it inside in time to get a couple souvenir t-shirts and see Sammy Hagar and the Wabos perform. After a brief break to swap out equipment on the stage, it was time for the star of the show, Kid Rock himself, to take the stage.

    Below are some of the pictures we took during the show...

Kid Rock Concert - Comerica Park

Two sections over were our friends, Melissa & Thad.

A look at the stage as Sammy Hagar performs. He can be seen on the screens on the left and right of the stage wearing a green shirt and white shorts.

Another look at the stage set up in the center field of Comerica Park.

Tara & Rodney posing for a picture before Kid Rock take's the stage.

Tyler, talking to Tara, got to go to his first big concert for his birthday present.

As darkness set in, Kid Rock took to the stage. He is visible on the screens on the sides of the stage.

A look at some of the fireworks going off behind the stage.

A closer look at Kid Rock on one of the screens.

Another shot of Kid Rock on the screens.

The screens flashing "Kid" then "Rock."

Flames shooting up from around the stage.

Laser lights piercing the night sky.

Sparklers going off around the stage.

More flames shooting up around the stage.

Another look at Kid Rock on the screens.

More fireworks in the sky.

Kid Rock saluting the crowd.

Red, white, and blue fireworks.

Tyler checking out a statue at one of the People Mover stations.


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