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    The Lake Fenton Sailing Club, which Tara sailed with when she was a young girl (well, slightly younger - she's still young now!), hosted a free sailing event on June 19th. Tara signed herself, Tyler, and Samantha up for the experience. I was to stay behind with Drew and Jayden, who were too young to sail. Tara hoped to go out as a family, but things didn't quite work out. Her and Tyler ended up on separate boats, and Sam couldn't go because of her soccer tryouts (they couldn't guarantee that the boat would be back in time for her to leave...). Tyler said it was OK, but is already asking to go next Sunday, when another free day is taking place. Sam was thoroughly disappointed that she couldn't go as well. Tara? Well, she had a lot of fun, won the race, and woke up feeling mighty sore afterward! I guess so much time away and your muscles forget what sailing is all about!

Sailing... take me away!

Tyler cruising along the lake with his captain.

Tyler's boat charging to the front of this group.

Tyler coming towards the dock on his boat.

Tyler helping to get the boat in.

Another look at Tyler at the end of his day on the boat.


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