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    After dinner, but before the birthday festivities got underway, the kids headed outside for a little fun on the slip-n-slide. Here are some pictures of some of the kids having some fun...

Slip-N-Slide Fun

Here are a bunch of the kids with the slip-n-slide.

Samantha sliding down the slide.

Marissa and Ethan sliding down the slide as Donovan and Jayden run back for another turn.

Drew and Erin on the slide while Nick runs back to the line.

Tyler and Tevin on the slide, and Erin going back in line.

Ben sliding down the slide.

Drew diving onto the slide.

Drew finishing his slide, Jay getting ready to start hers, and Sam running back for another turn.

Nick sliding on the slide.

Donovan going down the slide.

Tyler shooting Drew on the slide with a squirt gun.

    Once the kids got dried off and dressed once again, we began Samantha's birthday activities, including cake & ice cream and presents. Sam really wanted an iPod Touch this year for her birthday, but Tara & I told her that they were out of our price range and that she would have to ask for money from others in order to help pay for it. Needless to say she almost made enough money to buy it on her own, without help from her parents. In the end we decided to split the cost with her, so she ended up with a little spending cash on her own as well...

Samantha's Birthday Activities

Samantha opted for a Michigan birthday cake this year.

Here is Sam with her cake before having "Happy Birthday" sung to her.

Sammie gets a little embarrassed when a large group sings to her...

Sam opening up her first present, with cool tinfoil wrapping paper.

Sam got Silly Bandz from her friend Aubrey.

Sam started to get a little excited when she started opening cards with money in them.

Sam reading a card out loud.

A shot of all of the kids in attendance today (15 of them!).

Another look at Sam opening a card.

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