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    Samantha is going to be playing another session of indoor soccer this winter. She was invited back on the team that she played with in the fall, which is the first step in her achieving her current desire of making a travel team this summer. Once again all of the games will be played at the Genesee Fieldhouse. Like in the fall, they will not be holding any practices. She will also continue to wear jersey number 11, which will also be the number she wears once the AYSO season begins again in the spring. That certainly will make it easy on us to find her in the pictures! Once I get a schedule I will post it here... for now it is one game at a time. As always, enjoy!



Date Time Result Score Record
  Game 1 - WAZA Genesee U9 Royal 02-21-2011 7:00pm L 3-1 0-1
  Game 2 - Phoenix 01 02-28-2011 5:00pm L 1-0 0-2
  Game 3 - United FC 03-07-2011 6:00pm W 9-0 1-2
  Game 4 - WAZA U10 Royal 03-11-2011 5:00pm W 4-1 2-2
  Game 5 - Westside S C 03-21-2011 8:00pm W 4-1 3-2
  Game 6 - LaForza S.C. 03-25-2011 5:00pm T 1-1 3-2-1
  Game 7 - WAZA U10 Royal 04-11-2011 6:00pm L 2-0 3-3-1
  Game 8 - Davison Kickers 04-18-2011 7:00pm W 8-1 4-3-1


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