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    In a rematch of a game that the La Forza Fire & Ice team won 13-1 during their first meeting, things didn't change much today. Although the score didn't get quite as out of hand as last time (the 7:00am start may have played a small role in that...). Needless to say, the girls still played well, and Samantha played perhaps her best game in a long time. Although she didn't score, she was very aggressive, and handled the ball much better than she has in recent games. Today's 4-0 victory moved gave the girls a 5-3 record for the season.

at Flushing Lightning

Samantha making her way up the field during the game.

Sam watching as the ball rolls out of bounds.

Sam walking to her position.

Sam watching as the action unfolds across the field.

Sam played some defense in the second half, which afforded her an opportunity to do a sideline throw-in.

Sam in her defensive position.


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