Tyler's 12th Birthday

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    For the first time in a long time (and perhaps ever...) Tyler was able to celebrate his birthday on his actual birthday with his family and friends. We had everyone over for a fish fry (Tyler's food of choice) before opening presents and eating cake. Tyler had a great time, getting lots of money (which he is hoping to spend on a BB gun - presuming he won't shoot his eye out, of course) and some great gifts too. It's hard to believe, but Tara & I are only one year away from having a teenager!

Tyler's 12th Birthday

The boys decided to eat dinner on the trampoline. Here are Donovan, Drew, Tyler, Hayden, and Ethan.

Another look at the boys finishing their dinner on the trampoline.

Tyler getting ready to open his first present.

A look at the crowd gathering around Tyler as he opens his presents.

Another picture of the crowd watching Tyler.

Donovan getting a closer look at Tyler opening a present.

Donovan clapping as Tyler holds up two fishing videos.

Tyler holding up one of his cards.

Tyler reading his card as he clings to his money.

Tyler wadding up his wrapping paper, ready to throw it into the crowd ala a wedding bouquet.

Tyler holding up some new fishing accessories.

Tyler kicked back and relaxing after opening his gifts. Thanks everybody!

Tara lighting the candles on the cake that Tyler decorated as Adam looks on.

Another look at Tara lighting Tyler's candles. Tyler decorated both the cake and the cookie (half left unfrosted for those who don't like frosting on their cookies). Adam, Veronica, and Samantha are looking on.

Tyler with a wry smile as everyone sings "Happy Birthday" to him.

Tyler blowing out his candles.

A look at Tyler's cake, which he decorated by himself. Great job, kiddo!

A look at the cookie that Tyler decorated.


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