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    For the way-too-manyth time, I had to step up and be the clock operator today. That means a brief description of the action, not that there was much to say anyway. For the second time in four games the ACC boys played a rematch game, this time against a Second Chance team that thoroughly beat them last time. This game was no different, as the outcome of the game was the same. This time they lost by a 66-40 score. The 40 points that they managed to score was a season high, which was progress. Unfortunately the 66 points that they gave up was also a season high. Tyler gave his all once again, but it wasn't nearly enough. Considering the fact that this was their second game of the day, this one immediately after the first game of the day, the loss wasn't at all unexpected.

   Once again, a special thanks to Tara for taking pictures for me as I kept score!

vs. Second Chance

Tyler driving for a layup (that he missed...).

Tyler got this pass on the elbow before moving the ball on to a teammate.

The final score - a 66-40 loss.


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