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    I don't have much to add regarding the second game of the day, as once again I was "volunteered" into duty as clock operator. The majority of the game the ACC team held on to the lead, sometimes as much as 10 points. They got a little careless with their passes late in the game, and the other team's trap wound up robbing the boys of their second victory of the season. Tyler played a pretty good game today, but he was unable to score any points. He did have some nice defensive plays, however. When the final buzzer sounded, the ACC boys had lost a heartbreaking game 38-35.

   Once again, a special thanks to Tara for taking pictures for me as I kept score!

at Mat-Tek

Tyler watching as the other team scores a basket late in the game.

The final score - a heartbreaking 38-35 loss.


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