Playoff Round 1

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    Tyler's Advanced Care Chiropractic basketball team played their lone playoff game against the Lake Fenton team on Saturday, December 17th. These two teams played earlier in the year, and although the ACC boys lost the game it was a hard fought battle and they stayed close throughout. Today's game was another story, however, as the Lake Fenton team jumped out to a big early lead and never looked back. Because of the healthy lead that Lake Fenton held through the entire game, there really isn't much for me to say. Tyler played a fair amount of the game, but never really got into the flow of the action, like most of the rest of his team. Because they lost, this turned out to be the final game of the season. Starting in January next year, most of these kids will be trying out for the school basketball team. Best of luck to all of the boys, and especially Tyler. Tara & I are proud of all the hard work he puts into trying to get better and better.

Playoff Round 1

Tyler getting into position on defense.

Tyler watching the ball while playing defense.

Tyler getting ready to box out on a teammates free throw attempt.

Tyler and several of his teammates getting ready to check back into the game.

Tyler hustling back into his defensive position.

The scoreboard tells the whole story - a tough 55-34 loss, and no second game in the playoffs.


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