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    We celebrated Christmas with Tara's Dad & Mom at their house on December 23rd. We were joined be her sister Noell and her family, along with her brothers Scott and Mark, as well as his wife. Also joining us was Tara's Uncle Kevin and Aunt Jennifer, along with their daughter and her boyfriend. We ate dinner first - pizza - before settling in to open presents. Thank you to everyone for the wonderful gifts, including the movie passes - which I am sure will be put to good use!

    Things got a little hectic here, as all of the kids opened their presents at once instead of taking turns, so it really limited my picture taking opportunities. In addition, there isn't as much room in Jerry & Gail's new house for all of us as there was in their old house, so I had a hard time getting some of the shots that I would have like. Well, enjoy the pictures I do have anyway!

Allen Family Christmas Party

Samantha looking on as Jayden holds her baby cousin Olivia.

The kids were trying to wait patiently for their gifts... except for Tara, who was picking on poor Sammy.

Drew was tasked with playing Christmas music on his Ipod.

Here Gil & Noell are holding the present that they got from Mark & Lisa. We got the same gift basket as well.

Here is Jayden showing off one of the gifts in the bag that Uncle Scott got the kids (the gifts weren't the same for all of the kids).

Sam, Veronica, Tyler, and Adam looking through their gift bags as Scott looks on from the background.

Tyler and Adam enjoying their gift bags.

Sam and Veronica displaying their new shampoo from Uncle Scott.

Sam smiling as Veronica looks on.

Tyler and Adam ready to dig in to their box of chocolates from Uncle Scott's goody bag.

Noell helping Olivia with the present that she got from Rodney, Tara, Tyler, Samantha, Drew, and Jayden.

Another look at Sam, Veronica, Tyler, and Adam.

Jayden and Lilly opening up a present.

Drew (sitting very close to the camera, hence the funny angle) opening up a gift card.

A look at the kids receiving movie passes from Papa Jerry & Grandma Gail.

Another look at this kids, this time trying to squeeze Drew into the shot.

Everyone looking as Olivia opens one of her presents.


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