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    After Jayden's birthday party on December 16th we headed to Bronner's CHRISTmas Wonderland with Thad & Melissa, Tania, and all of the kids. This is the second year that we have made the trek to Frankenmuth for this holiday shopping trip, and so far everyone seems to really enjoy it.

    Like last year we gathered for a big group photo of all of the kids before heading off throughout the giant store with our individual families. We wandered through the store for quite some time, each picking out an ornament that meant something special to each of us (except Tara - she chose an ornament dedicated to Tinkerbell). We all met back up again at the checkout before heading back out on the road.

    We stopped at Culver's for dinner, just as we did last year. This time around the restaurant was going to be closing soon for their Christmas party, but we managed to get our order in before it was too late. We even sat at the same tables to eat as we did last year. When we had finished eating we headed back out to our respective cars to make the drive to our own home, calling it a night.

Bronner's CHRISTmas Wonderland

The entrance to Bronner's, with the nativity scene set up in front of the building.

Outside of the entrance was an area set up for their guests to watch the Detroit Lions game (they got crushed by the Arizona Cardinals).

Jayden took a moment to look in the giant telescope located in the lobby.

Samantha was fearful of being sat on by Santa Claus!

Jay didn't seem to worried about Santa crushing her with his giant bottom.

All of the kids in our visiting group: Taren, Ben, Tevin, Drew, Tyler, Samantha, Nick, Jayden, Elizabeth, and Hannah. Erin was with our group as well, but she refused to join the rest of the kids for this picture.

Sam and Jay were excited to be walking though the store, browsing all of the Christmas displays.

Drew, Tyler, Jayden, and Samantha  posing for a picture in one of the displays inside the store.

The front of the store lit up as we left at night.

We were greeted by "carolers" in the parking lot.


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