Christmas Eve

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    Christmas Eve. One of the best days of the year. I broke out my camera to take a few pictures of our Christmas trees in the afternoon, and then we headed off to Fenton to join Jerry & Gail and Gil & Noell and their kids at church for a Christmas Eve service. When we returned, we gathered around the tree for some family photos. Then it was time to continue a long time Peters family tradition of getting to open up one gift on Christmas Eve. The kids have gotten used to receiving a pair of pajamas on this day, so Tara through them for a loop this year. She made sure that the gift they got wasn't pajamas...

Christmas Eve

A look at our real Christmas tree set up in the living room.

The tree that we set up in the den for everyone to see from outside. Next year we plan on decorating this as a U of M tree - to match the den decor.

A shot of the Christmas tree later in the evening, after returning from church.

Tyler, Samantha, Jayden, and Drew in front of the tree.

A close-up of the kids.

The entire family - Rodney, Tyler, Drew, Jayden, Samantha, and Tara.

Another attempt at a family photo.

Drew, Tyler, Jay, and Sam taking a break from watching one of the Shrek movies to open their Christmas Eve gift.

Drew opening up the first present...

...which turned out to be...

...a new pair of slippers!

Jayden opening up her gift...

...which was...

...also slippers!

Sam was next to open her present, and to her surprise it was...


Tyler was the last one to open his gift, and he too got...


The kids were already begging to open another present!

But first Rod got a turn to open up a gift.

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