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    On the evening of December 1st, Tara & I took Tyler, Samantha, Drew, and Jayden to Fenton to see the Fenton Jinglefest parade and fireworks show in downtown Fenton. We met up with our friends Jason & Tania and Thad & Melissa, along with all of their kids. We enjoyed the nighttime light parade as well as the fireworks show afterwards before all of us (yes... all 17 of us!) headed to Pizza Hut for a late dinner.

Fenton Jinglefest Parade & Fireworks

Here is the kids and the adults waiting for the parade to begin...

...seated on the curb are Hannah, Samantha, Elizabeth, Tyler, Taren, Ben, Erin, Jayden, Nick, Drew, and Taren. Standing behind the kids are Jason, Thad, Melissa, Tania, and Tara.

Just down the street from us, watching the parade, was none other than the man himself, Santa!

The Lake Fenton band was well represented (by what seemed like every kid in school).

A very cool decorated and lighted float.

A Hummer and boat lit up for the parade.

Genesee County's finest on horseback.

A cool old tractor covered in lights.

My next truck... nobody would ever see me coming!

Another float in lights.

Santa left his spot on the street watching the parade in order to make it on this float.

The fireworks show started shortly after the parade concluded.

Here is some of the group watching the fireworks.


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