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    We celebrated Christmas at my Dad & Mom's house with my sister and her family a little early this year. We ate dinner first - Red Devil pizza! - before settling in to open presents. Up first were the gifts to the kids from their Grandpa & Grandma. Everyone seemed to be pleased with what they received, and their presents are already being put to use!

Peters Family Christmas Party

Marissa wrestled with Dwayne over the opportunity to open Dwayne's present.

Dwayne opening up an ornament from his in-laws.

Dwayne & Erica received the next present together. Here they are opening it together.

Erica holding up the new sign that her and Dwayne got from Gary & Terry.

Next up was presents for the kids. They all (im)patiently waiting to open them...

Jayden and Donovan watching as Tyler opens his present, new pajamas.

Samantha was next to open a present, and she was excited about... fingernail polish that she got.

Donovan was next, and he was pleased to get some new Under Armour socks.

Marissa was next in line, and she got a new bed for her American Girl dolls.

Drew opened the next present, and he was really happy to see a new headset for the Xbox.

Jayden got a cool new Tangled doll with really long hair.

Tara, Gary, Dwayne, Erica, and Terry watching the kids unwrap their gifts.

Sam was up next, and she got new pajamas.

Donovan got a new Michigan sweatshirt.

Marissa got pajamas that matched Sam.

Drew got a new Red Wings shirt and hat.

Jay got a pair of Hello Kitty pajamas.

Tyler opened up a set up socks that matched Donovan's.

Donovan got a mortarboard for his next present... or maybe it was a pair pajamas.

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