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    We finally managed to squeeze in a trip to see Santa Claus before Christmas this year, getting a chance to visit with him at the Bass Pro Shop on December 22nd. When we arrived at the store, Santa was on a break, meaning that we had about an hour to kill before we could actually see him. Thankfully Bass Pro provides lots of activities for the kids, so Tara got in line to wait while the kids went to go play. They rode a carousel, shot targets with a toy gun, and even had a "snowball" fight - which is something that I think we need in our house! The kids all had a great time in that particular activity. Finally we got a chance to see Santa (we were first in line!), but then the Bass Pro camera wouldn't work, which meant that we got a little bit of extra time as the elves, Mrs. Claus, and even Santa himself tried to fix it.

Santa Claus

Tyler and Samantha on the carousel.

Tyler giving "The Look" while riding the carousel.

Jayden riding a deer on the carousel.

Drew waving while on the carousel.

Another shot of Drew.

Jayden waving while going around on the carousel.

Tyler giving a goofy look while riding a moose on the carousel.

Tara waiting patiently in line to see Santa Claus.

Tyler, Drew, Jayden, and Samantha posing with a snowman holding a North Pole sign.

Drew aiming for the deer in the shooting arcade.

Sam taking aim at the deer during her turn in the arcade.

Tyler tried to shoot the same deer when it was his turn.

Jayden also took a turn shooting the animals in the shooting arcade.

Sam, Tyler, Jay, and Drew posing with a reindeer.

Drew, Sam, and Tyler in the snowball fight area.

Jayden getting ready to throw a handful of snowballs.

All of the kids in the snowball area.

Sam, Jay, Santa Claus, Drew, and Tyler waiting for the camera to be repaired.

Samantha, Jayden, Drew, and Tyler posing for a picture with Santa.

While Santa was off working on the camera Tyler decided to sit on Drew's lap to tell him what he wanted for Christmas while Sam and Jay looked on.

Another look at Sam, Jay, Drew, and Tyler waiting for Santa to return.

A look at the fish tank/wildlife display area inside of Bass Pro Shops.


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