Drew's 7th Birthday

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    Drew wanted to have a bunch of his friends over for a sleepover this year for his birthday, to be followed up with a big party someplace (Safari Playground and Chuck E. Cheeses were ideas tossed around...). We finally settled on having three friends over to stay the night, and a party with the rest of his friends at Holly Lanes. Unfortunately for Drew one of his friends couldn't make it to the sleepover, and one more wound up being sick, so it was just Drew and his friend Tevin for the night. This worked out ok, as they got to spend some quality time together annoying the crap out of everyone else in the house!

    As I stated before, Drew's party was held at Holly Lanes. We arrived shortly before 2:00pm and got the bowling party underway. We got an hour of bowling (or so... it actually worked out to slightly more than an hour before the pizza arrived). The kids all got at least one full frame in during this time. Around 3:20pm the pizza arrived - thankfully, since the bowling alley has changed ownership, they do not make the same old "cracker and ketchup" pizzas that they used to serve... it is now ordered in from Happy's Pizza. The kids all ate a couple of pieces, and a few even got to get thirds. Since we were limited by time at this party, we moved right along from the pizza to the cake. We sang "Happy Birthday" to Drew, and he got quite embarrassed by the whole spectacle. I found it quite amusing, however!

    Once the cake was devoured, we moved right along to the opening of the presents. Drew got a lot of great gifts this year, but the Hex-Bug things seemed to be the popular choice. He also got some Lego's, which he worked diligently on putting them together without any help from anyone else. His loving parents and siblings gave him an iPod, which might be his favorite gift so far. I have to admit that at this point I am finding it annoying that it never seems to leave his hand (the same goes for Samantha and her iPod, though).

    Drew really wants to thank everyone who was able to join him for his birthday celebration. He had a great time with everyone who was there. His mother and I would also like to thank everyone, as it was an enjoyable time for not only Drew but Tara & I as well. Again, thank you!

Drew's 7th Birthday - Bowling Fun

The bowling party getting underway, with several of Drew's friends and relatives looking on. In this shot, his classmate and baseball teammate Joe is getting ready to take his turn bowling.

More of the attendees were getting ready on the other two lanes - the party occupied a total of four lanes overall.

Another shot of the action getting underway.

Drew's friend Andrew taking his turn bowling.

Andrew's brother and Drew's friend Thomas getting ready to throw the ball down the alley.

Tyler showing off his bowling form. He was the only member of the party to get a strike today.

Olivia, whose brother is Drew's friend Joe, also did some bowling today.

Nick G., another one of Drew's friends, made it to the bowling alley to join in on the fun.

The birthday boy himself, Drew taking a turn rolling the ball.

Yet another of Drew's friends, Miles also had fun bowling today.

Donovan and Tyler spent a lot of time talking to each other, comparing basketball notes, and checking out the action on Tyler's phone.

Tara was obviously excited as she talked to Jeff & Becky.

Noah, seen here taking his turn bowling, is one of Drew's baseball teammates.

Samantha didn't have the best bowling form, but she had fun regardless.

Nick and Andrew waiting to see how many pins they knocked down.

Another look at Drew bowling.

An action shot of Sam.

Drew's friend Tevin taking his turn bowling.

Donovan was trying to put a little "body-English" on this ball as it rolled towards the pins.

Drew and some of the other members of the party relaxing while waiting for their turn to bowl.

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