Game 12

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    Drew continues to struggle at the plate, going 0-3 tonight with 3 more strikeouts tonight. Thankfully his offensive struggles haven't hurt the team, and he is doing his best to make up for it in the field. Tonight Drew fielded the ball well while playing pitcher, and he managed to hang onto the ball at first base to get a runner out. If only he could make contact with the ball once again, he would be having a good season. As I said, the team hasn't suffered from his struggles yet, winning tonight's game by the score of 13-10 with only one game remaining!

Game 12 - vs. Great Lakes Creative

Drew playing pitcher to start the game.

Drew fielded this hit and threw to first base.

Drew at-bat, swinging and missing.

Another look at Drew ready to hit the ball.

Drew looking for the perfect pitch to hit.

Drew moved into the outfield the next time he played the field.

Drew looking at a high pitch.

Drew played first base later in the game.

Drew did a good job of reigning in this throw...

...and holding on to get the runner out.

Drew heading to the bench at the end of an inning.

Drew ready for another attempt to get a hit.

Drew back in the outfield for the final time tonight.


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