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    Tonight's game was the first one to take place with me on second shift, so I am relying on Tara to keep me up to date on the action and to take pictures for me. That means my commentary will be pretty light now, but I will do my best to keep everyone informed of the game action. Drew and his Ramsey Built Construction teammates played in their final regular season game of the year tonight, and thankfully they each went out on a high note! Drew broke out of his batting slump, and managed to get two hits tonight. He did strikeout once, but even the best of them do that on occasion. The best news is that the team won the game 12-9, making them 10-2-1 on the season! It was a great turnaround for the same team that went winless last season!

Game 13 - at Holly Express

Drew tapping the plate with his bat, hoping to end one streak (strikeouts) and start another (hits).

Drew swinging for his first hit of the game.

Drew played pitcher during the first inning of action today.

A close-up of Drew playing pitcher.

Drew swinging for another hit.

And the follow through. Way to concentrate, Drew!


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