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    Well, it was 10 days late, but Drew and his Ramsey Built Construction teammates finally got a chance to play Game #3 on Saturday, May 19th. They played the Holly Express team, and they proved to be some tough competition. Tough enough, in fact, that they doubled up on the RBC team in the scoring column, beating them 16-8 and handing them their second loss of the year. Drew played well today, but had some missed opportunities at the plate.

Game 3 - at Holly Express

Drew started off his first at-bat with a solid...

...base hit. Run!

Drew standing on first base.

A close-up of Drew.

Drew made it to second base thanks to a hit by one of his teammates.

Drew spent an inning playing third base tonight.

Another look at Drew on third base.

Drew also played an inning in left field.

Drew at-bat once again.

Drew got to play an inning as the pitcher.

Another shot of Drew batting.

Drew and his teammates getting a pep-talk and their new positions for the inning.

Drew moved to right field this inning...

...and had to back way up for some of the opponents big hitters.

Drew cranked this shot, but it unfortunately landed in foul territory.


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