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    Drew hadn't played a game in 9 days due to hockey and a rain-out, but that didn't stop him tonight! He went three for three from the plate and made some nice plays in the field, including throwing one runner out while playing pitcher and coming within a dropped ball by the first baseman from doing it twice! Unfortunately the other team was just too much for the RBC team tonight, as they fell to the Tillier Construction team by a score of 9-5.

    I have to say thank you to my Mom for staying at Drew's game tonight and taking pictures for me as I split time between Sam and Drew's games. Thanks Mom, you're the greatest!

Game 4 - at Tillier Plumbing

Drew got a chance to play pitcher today, where he made some really nice plays...

...including one where he threw a runner out at first base and another where he would have thrown the runner out at first had the ball not been dropped.

Drew had a nice night at the plate, including this hit...

...which he was able to admire as it cleared the fences - or at least it blasted through the infield!

Drew holding on to his helmet after making it to first base safely.

Drew also played shortstop tonight.

Drew at the plate once again, connecting for another hit...

...and hustling down to first base.

Drew was pleased to have another hit under his belt, but not happy to have his picture taken.

Drew playing shortstop once again, trying to chase down a ball that made it between him and the third baseman.

Drew tried to will his team to an out on this play.

Drew backing up his pitcher just in case he missed the play on the ball.


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