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    Drew's team played their "fifth" game of the season (fifth scheduled game, anyway - one was rained out) on Wednesday, May 16th. The team continues to play well overall, getting outs in the field and timely hits when batting. Drew didn't really see any action in the field during today's game, but he continued to hit well today. He went two for three, getting two singles to go along with his first strikeout. This was the first time all season that he went up to the plate to bat and came away with anything other than a base hit. Not a bad way to start the year! And to top it all off, they won once again, this time by a 7-4 score, giving the Ramsey Built Construction team their third win of the season!

Game 5 - vs. Bittersweet Cafe

Drew played pitcher once again today, but he never really saw any baseballs come his way during his inning on the mound.

Drew swinging the bat, resulting in his first hit of the game.

Drew racing from first to second base...

...and later making his way to third base.

Drew had a nice slide as he scored a run after his first hit.

Drew was moved into left field later on, but once again he didn't have to field any balls.

Drew at the plate once again, looking for the perfect pitch.

Finally getting the pitch he wanted, Drew smacked his second hit of the game.

Drew looking into the sun while standing on first base.

Another look at Drew running his hardest to second base.

Drew on third base, where he was stranded as his team struck out for the third time.

Drew playing shortstop.

Drew connected on this hit, but it rolled foul. Unfortunately for him, it resulted in him later striking out. This was the first time this season that he had an at-bat that resulted in something other than a hit.

Drew played right field in a later inning.

Drew played catcher in the final inning.

Drew throwing the ball back to the pitcher.


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