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    Drew's baseball game on the 23rd got out of hand, as the Ramsey Built Construction team poured it on both from the plate and in the field. Drew got in the action with some solid hits, scoring some runs as well. The RBC team had two innings where they scored the maximum 5 runs, and overall managed to have 14 runs cross the plate while the opposing team only managed to get 2 runs the entire game. The 14-2 victory gave the RBC boys their fifth victory of the season, surpassing last seasons win total by five! Great job team!

Game 4 - at Great Lakes Creative

Drew started out today's game playing pitcher, but he actually didn't see too many balls come his way.

Drew swinging for a hit during his first at-bat of the game.

Drew made it safely to first after hustling down the baseline.

And he made it to second base on a hit by his teammate.

Drew got to third base, where he was talking to the third baseman.

Drew moved into left field later in the game.

Drew at the plate once again, looking for another hit...

...swinging hard at the ball...

...and grounding another base hit into the infield.

Drew on first base once again, watching his teammate bat.

Drew played the next inning at shortstop.


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