Game 8

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    Drew and his RBC teammates played their third game of the season against Holly Express today, with each team winning a game in their previous matchups. Drew had four at-bats today, getting two singles and striking out two times. He also made a nice through to get a runner out while playing pitcher tonight. All in all it was a good night for the entire team, as they took the season lead in wins against this team by securing a 13-8 victory, their 6th of the season thus far!

Game 8 - vs. Holly Express

Drew at his position at first base.

Drew swinging for the fences early in the game.

Another look at Drew playing first base.

Drew up for another at-bat.

Drew moved over to shortstop a little bit later on.

Drew getting a hit in his third at-bat.

Here is a look at Drew playing second base.

Another at-bat, another hit for Drew.

Good follow through, Drew!

Drew moved on to the pitchers mound the next time he went into the field.


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