Game 9

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    One of the bad things about being super busy is that it is easy to fall way behind. This game is one of those times, as I really don't recall much about the game. I do know that Drew had a few base hits tonight, and that they earned their 7th win of the season with a 9-5 victory. This victory evened the season series between these to teams at one apiece, as their previous battle resulted in a 9-5 loss for RBC.

Game 9 - vs. Tillier Plumbing

Drew played in the outfield at the start of this game.

Drew swinging his bat...

...for his first hit of the day.

A shot of Drew batting once again.

Another shot of Drew getting a hit...

...and watching it go through the infield.

Drew standing on base after his most recent hit.

Drew standing on second base.

Drew didn't come around to score this time, so he is heading to the bench as his teammates are headed out to the field.

Drew playing in the infield at the end of the game.


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