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    Based on his team's first place standing on the strength of their 9-2-1 record (officially it was 9-3, but I still contend that one of their losses was a tie, which is the way that I score it), Drew's baseball team earned a bye during the first round of the playoffs. This meant that his playoff season started in round two, and he and his teammates came out strong. They jumped out to a big lead, and were it not for a few relatively meaningless runs scored late in the game (and the opposing team couldn't score enough to win the game anyway) it would have been a total blowout. Drew had his best game of the year offensively, going 2-2 from the plate, including his first double of the year in his first at-bat of the day. I guess the time he spent in the batting cage prior to the game really paid off! With his help, the Ramsey Built Construction team sailed into the championship game later tonight with an 8-4 victory!

Playoff Game 2 - vs. Bittersweet Cafe

Drew started and spent the entire game today playing third base.

Drew at the plate for his first at-bat.

Drew connecting with the ball...

...for a hit that would turn out to be his...

...first double of the season!

Way to go, Drew! Way to smack that ball!

Drew got moved over to third base, where he got some encouragement from his base coach.

Drew and his teammates getting pumped up before starting the next inning.

Another shot of Drew at third base.

Drew looking to get another hit in his second at-bat of the game.

Drew did a good job today waiting for the right pitch to come his way.

Drew swung hard to get his second hit of the game, which was a single this time.

Drew standing on second base - he doesn't really like the strap on this particular helmet.

And a final shot of Drew in the field - his team didn't need another at-bat today.


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