Playoff Game 3

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    With the Ramsey Built Construction team finishing the year in first place, it was almost expected that they would be in the championship game. While we were all hoping that they would emerge as victors in that game, it wasn't meant to be. Instead of playing the game on the usual fields at the Karl Richter Campus, the championship game was moved to Volz Field at Cyclone Park. This is more of a softball field, and the bigger base paths threw our kids off a bit. There was more than one occasion where a player couldn't find the base to force a runner out, including once where Drew lost third base (in fairness to the kids, the bases were so dusty that they easily blended in to the field). Drew's team struggled both in the field, where several throws were dropped at first base, and at the plate, where they couldn't manage much in the way of hits until late in the game. Drew was representative of the struggles at the plate, as he struck out in his first two at-bats. He managed to get hits in his next two at-bats, however, somewhat making up for his early struggles. While their season ended on a sour note with the 12-3 defeat, it was was an impressive showing for the entire RBC team nonetheless. Not only did they improve upon their winless record last season, but they did so drastically. Drew had some struggles at the plate on occasion, but he is a much improved player and we are extremely proud of him for all he accomplished this season.

Playoff Game 3 - vs. Holly Express

Drew and his teammates getting fired up prior to the start of the game.

Drew warming up with his teammates in the field.

Drew started today's game at third base...

...but he didn't see much action here.

Drew watching as the ball goes into right field.

Drew getting ready to swing during his first at-bat of the game.

Drew looking for another pitch to swing at.

Drew getting a single as the ball bounces in front of him in the dirt.

Drew standing on first base.

Drew heading to second base on a hit by his teammate.

Drew looking for a good pitch to hit later in the game.

Drew swinging at a close pitch.

Drew watching as the ball pops up into the air.


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