Drew's Field Day

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    Drew's school field day took place on June 4th at the Patterson Elementary, after being rained out on the originally schedule day. While I missed one of his events while making my way from work, I was able to make it for the rest of them. Drew's class doesn't get ribbons for their field day (stupid economy!), but they do get to have a lot of fun. Drew certainly did, as he gave it his all in each and every event. Great job Drew!

Drew's Field Day At Patterson Elementary

Drew lined up to start the 50 meter dash, while being given directions by his big sister Samantha, who was in charge of the event.

Drew blazing through the 50 yard dash, an event that he took first place in!

Drew sitting in line with his "red" teammates, waiting for the next event to get underway.

Drew running as fast as he can without spilling water in the cup race.

Drew got a second turn to run in this race.

Next stop: the obstacle course. The kids had to start off with a jump rope, which they were supposed to do three times. For some reason Drew kept doing his backwards!

Still on the obstacle course, Drew made his way down the slide.

Drew chugging towards the finish line!

The next event Drew's class participated in was the bean bag toss...

...an event that Drew didn't do the best in.

The kids had a chance to rest before the next event started. Drew flipped back his shades and took a seat.

Drew racing his way down the course during his turn in the baton race.

Drew racing back towards his teammates with the baton.

Drew taking a shot at the basketball event.

Another look at Drew shooting the basketball.

The next event was the sack race, and here is Drew doing his best to get his legs inside the sack.

Faster, Drew, faster...

...C'mon, faster buddy...

...oops! Not so fast, Drew!

The next event was the tug-of-war, which Drew's group was expected to win.

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