Game - 02-25-2012

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    Drew's level of hockey was supposed to be playing in a tournament on Saturday, February 25th. Because the rink where they were supposed to be playing required our team to have goalies and we don't have any (and the available goalie equipment was in use by the next higher level), the tournament wound up being cancelled. To make it up to the kids who were looking forward to it the coaches promised the kids that they could spend their entire practice session playing in scrimmage games against each other. Drew played well throughout, even positioning himself in goal to make a few saves. He had a couple of goals and was working hard skating up and down the ice all morning long.

Cross Ice Scrimmage Game

Drew skating around the ice at the beginning of the game.

Drew chasing after the puck.

Drew and his teammate attempting to corral a loose puck.

Another shot of Drew and one of his teammates chasing after the puck.

Drew positioned himself in front of the net in an attempt to block some shots from the opposition. Here he is making a save on his knees.

Rodney talking to Drew, trying to get him to skate with the puck a little longer and to pass to his teammates more.

Another look at Rodney and Drew talking.

Drew skating with the puck.

Drew on the bench watching as his teammates take their shift on the ice.

No matter what seems to be going on, Drew always has a great time on the ice. Look at that smile!


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