Game Day 3

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    On various days throughout the season Drew's hockey team has games scheduled. Some of these games will be inter-squad scrimmages while others will be against other teams, like today's games. Drew's regular jersey isn't in yet, so the kids are wearing penny's to divide the teams. He is wearing his old red #19 jersey for now, but will be returning to #29 when he gets his new sweater. In the pictures below he is wearing the #42 penny.

    I don't have a lot of information about today's action, other than it went "fine" according to Drew. Tara did tell me that he just missed a sweet goal on a shot that he tried lifting over the goalie, but that it clanged off the post. He is continuing to work hard at improving and he still has a lot of fun, and that is what it is all about!

Game Day 3 - vs. Saginaw

Drew (in the red sweater with the blue penny) and his teammates are lined up and ready to head out to the ice prior to the games beginning.

Drew skating across the blue line.

Another picture of Drew skating across the blue line.

Drew charging towards the net, looking for a rebound.

Drew heading back up the ice looking to control the puck.


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