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    Drew's hockey team (and the two others in his age group - mites) played in a hockey jamboree against several other teams on their home rink, the Polar Palace in Lapeer on Saturday, December 15th. The day was set up so that each team would get two games in the morning and two more in the afternoon. The schedule for Drew's team is below. Drew is wearing #29 this season, in homage to his big sister Samantha! As always, enjoy the photos!

Lapeer County Hockey Association Mites - Jamboree Games



Location Time Result Score Record
Dec 15 Game 1 - vs. Little Caesar Summit Black Eagles Polar Palace 8:00am L 20-5 0-1
Dec 15 Game 2 - vs. Wyandotte Warriors #1 Polar Palace 8:30am L 16-1 0-2
Dec 15 Game 3 - vs. Canton Black Bears Polar Palace 2:00pm L 14-2 0-3
Dec 15 Game 4 - vs. Wyandotte Warriors #2 Polar Palace 2:30pm L 9-2 0-4


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